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Industrial Grade Concrete Floor Paint PU Resin Based Floor Concrete Paint

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Industrial Grade Concrete Floor Paint PU Resin Based Floor Concrete Paint

Industrial Grade Concrete Floor Paint PU Resin Based Floor Concrete Paint is made up of polyurethane resin with added silica particles for a beneficial anti-slip coating. Long-lasting and abrasion resistive. Formulated to shut, conserve and dye internal concrete floors in industrial and agrarian regions. Petrol and oil resistant with great tyre pluck properties. Suitable for use in factories, garages, and workshop floors.

Surface preparation:

  1. Must be dry and clean
  2. Free from dirt, mud, or any kind of impurity
  3. Apply with roller, brush, etc.
  4. In the case of bare concrete, apply a coat of Everest Trade polyurethane floor primer and sealer for best results


  1. Coverage: Approximately 5 – 7 square meters per liter.
  2. Drying time: 5-6 hours
  3. Anti-slip finishing
  4. High-quality polyurethane resin-based paint
  5. Long-lasting


  1. White spirit
  2. Turpentine

Additional information

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Dark Grey – 20Litre, Mid Grey – 20Litre, Light Grey – 20Litre, Red – 20Litre, Tile Red – 20Litre, Light Green – 20Litre, Jcb Yellow – 20Litre, Light Blue – 20Litre, White – 20Litre, Black – 20Litre, Brown – 20Litre, Mid Blue- 20Litre, Dark Blue – 20Litre, Mid Green – 20Litre, Dark Green- 20Litre, Pre Seal – 20Litre

4 reviews for Industrial Grade Concrete Floor Paint PU Resin Based Floor Concrete Paint

  1. The Floor Paint

    I needed some paint for my garage floor and this seemed to fit the bill. I bought 10L as other reviews had said the 60m2 coverage claim was not accurate, and I’m pleased that I did. I’ve used most of the 10L (2x5L tubs) for a standard double garage, 2 coats, unsealed floor, 3 Yr old concrete.
    The paint went down very well and the second just as well- 16hrs after the first. I left an oil radiator on to help it cure as the temperature is a little low at around 12deg.
    Good hard-wearing paint, quick delivery and easy to use.

  2. Brian B. McCoy

    I needed a paint for the floor in my little outdoor side door as it had been painted white and just looked disgusting with stains and scrapes, I decided to go darker and use a grey instead of peoples usual brick red as my doors are red,
    It’s been painted for a few weeks now, rain does hit it but hasn’t effected it at all, it does take a while to dry so don’t expect to be able to walk on it for a few days, this actually went on in one coat and looks fine but I’m going to give it a 2nd coat when I’m not so busy, not that it actually really needs it but I’ll feel happier giving it a 2nd coat as recommended.
    The little area is used daily so lots of shoes walking over it, no scuffing or chipping and easy to mop.

  3. Sam R. Kohr

    Probably the worst choice I’ve ever made. I’ve used Johnstones floor paint before so I was confident that this product would be fit for purpose. The paint was very easy to apply with a brush and with a roller however that was all the good points. The paint takes several days to dry between coats a smells awful. After the second coat was applied I left the floor 7 weeks before putting in the car, that was August / September 2022. The photo says it all, cold dry tyres and the paint pulls up. Looking at the issue in depth the paint looks like it is a skin covering the floor and doesn’t look like it has adhered. when I used a step ladder one of the feet also pulled it up. So I’ve purchased a rubber strip flooring for where the car tyres will make contact with the floor. I followed the instructions to the letter before applying the paint in fact I went overboard with the preparations so I can’t blame myself only the product. It’s very rare I give a poor mark on a product as this came quite a shock I felt others should be aware using the paint on an integral concrete garage floor.

  4. Robert H. Singh

    Nice colour and easy to apply, but definitely does not cover 28m^2 like it says on the tin. My workshop is about 28m^2 in total so I thought one tin would do it. However, one tin did less than half (see picture). The surface is standard concrete which I wouldn’t say was overly uneven. I would recommend buying this, but buy more than you think!

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